Your day is filled with decisions to keep your restaurants running smoothly and ensures customers enjoy quality food, beverages and service. Standard Coffee® takes brewed-beverage concerns off your plate by providing trusted national brands, reliable brewing equipment, a Route Sales

Representative who takes care of everything from delivery schedules to inventory, and a responsive service technician dedicated to your success. We’re here to help make your days start and end with happy customers and the assurance you’re delivering quality brewed beverages.

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Standard Coffee® Service Blends

For quality coffee at a great value, Standard Coffee blends are the perfect choice. This premium line uses 100% Arabica beans to create Gourmet, Colombian, Decaffeinated and Hospitality blends with truly optimal flavor.

Javarama® Coffee

Javarama Coffee is specially roasted to satisfy coffee connoisseurs from the private dining room to the executive boardroom. Precisely measured fractional packs and individually wrapped single-cup Javarama coffee pods deliver gourmet taste, freshness and quality. Available in Classics, Flavors and Javarama Reserve™ collections.

Green Mountain Coffee®

Green Mountain Coffee is a Fair Trade™ and organic certified coffee available in fractional packs and K-cups for Keurig® single-cup coffee machines. In addition to producing great-tasting coffee, the company is committed to sourcing, designing and manufacturing in ways that are good for people and good for the environment.

Caribou Coffee®

Caribou Coffee uses slightly different roasting temperatures to bring out each bean’s full potential. Available in light roasts that are livelier, laced with subtleties and sweet nuances, and darker roasts for rich, velvety taste with heavier tones and smoky hints.

The Original Donut Shop™ Coffee

A full-bodied American classic, Donut Shop coffee is fresh, bold and flavorful. This ideally balanced brew is made with Arabica beans and comes in K-cups for Keurig single-cup coffee machines.

Some brands are available in selected regions only.


Thermal Airpot Brewers

You want your coffee temperature and quality to be just right for your guests. Thermal airpot brewers dispense fresh-brewed coffee directly into insulated containers that maintain optimal temperature and quality for several hours to keep labor costs low and satisfaction high.

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In the restaurant business, you only get one chance to make a great impression. Standard Coffee® understands, and we pour everything we’ve got into top-quality programs to meet your guest profile and logistical needs. From the right product mix to a convenient delivery schedule to expert equipment service, we work with you to make your brewed-beverage program the easiest part of your day.

Personal Delivery Service

Restaurant clients tell us reliable delivery is high on the list of reasons they love Standard Coffee. Our Route Sales Representatives are highly trained, experienced and committed to keeping you consistently stocked so you never run short of the quality brewed beverages your guests expect.