Serving brewed beverages is a great office perk for employees and proper business etiquette for guests. Standard Coffee® knows you expect the best, so we provide trusted premium brands, reliable brewing equipment, a Route Sales

Representative to take care of delivery schedules and product stocking, and a dedicated service technician who understands your office’s unique needs. We’re here to keep your beverage station up to par with quality products and innovative solutions.

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Standard Coffee® Service Blends

For quality coffee at a great price, Standard Coffee blends are the perfect choice. This premium line uses 100% Arabica beans to create Gourmet, Colombian, Decaffeinated and Hospitality blends with truly optimal flavor.

Javarama® Coffee

Javarama Coffee is specially roasted to satisfy coffee connoisseurs from the private dining room to the executive boardroom. Precisely measured fractional packs and individually wrapped single-cup Javarama coffee pods deliver gourmet taste, freshness and quality. Available in Classics, Flavors and Javarama Reserve™ collections.

Green Mountain Coffee®

Green Mountain Coffee is a Fair Trade™ and organic certified coffee available in fractional packs and K-cups for Keurig® single-cup coffee machines. In addition to producing great-tasting coffee, the company is committed to sourcing, designing and manufacturing in ways that are good for people and good for the environment.

Starbucks® Coffee

Starbucks is one of the most recognized and respected brands in the world and a hit with employees and guests. Made with ethically sourced coffee beans, Starbucks Coffee is available in single-cup and traditional brewing systems to suit small and large offices.

Alterra® Coffee Roasters

ALTERRA Coffee Roasters is genuinely obsessed about delivering great quality coffee for all in handy single-cup servings. Coffees are expertly sourced from some of the world’s most renowned coffee-growing regions and roasted with care to uncover the beans’ best characteristics. Available in four roast and taste combinations: light and smooth, medium and balanced, medium and bright, dark and intense – plus flavored, decaf and cappuccino.

Some brands are available in selected regions only.


Thermal Airpot Brewers

The equipment you choose can greatly influence the quality of your workplace coffee. Thermal airpot brewers dispense fresh-brewed coffee directly into insulated containers that maintain optimal temperature and quality for several hours to ensure employee and guest satisfaction. Available in automatic models that attach to a water line and deliver great coffee with the push of a button or pour-over models that evenly saturate coffee to extract maximum flavor.

Glass Pot Brewers

Classic glass pot brewers optimize coffee quality and flavor, they’re easy to use and they need minimal maintenance and service. Available in automatic models that attach to a water line to deliver great-tasting pots of coffee with the push of a button or pour-over models that evenly saturate the coffee to extract maximum flavor.

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Every workplace is different, but all employees and guests appreciate quality. Standard Coffee® delivers brewed-beverage programs customized to meet your expectations and your company’s unique needs. From the right product mix to a convenient delivery schedule to expert equipment service, we make sure you serve the best.

Personal Delivery Service

What could be better than a highly trained, experienced Route Sales Representative who cares as much about quality as you do? Standard Coffee’s personal delivery service is the best way to consistently stock your brewed-beverage station with the quality products your employees and guests deserve.

Direct Shipment Service

Quality brewed-beverage products delivered to your door aren’t just for large companies. Standard Coffee provides direct shipment to businesses located too far from the delivery route and those who simply prefer to have items shipped. Order by phone, email or online and enjoy the same free equipment usage and service as our personal delivery option.